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Join us in Tampah Hills
As an investor in Tampah Hills you join the Seaside Society. A place to live, play, and network. We are building a diverse society of creative and curious individuals that together shape this beautiful part of Lombok.
What is the Seaside Society?

The Seaside Society will be a place where all investors can feel at home, regardless of if you live there full time or part time. Facilities will include a restaurant serving healthy and delicious meals from early morning to evening, a full-service gym and yoga facility, tennis course, surf camp, co-working space and many more features and services to come. Contact us if you have ideas and want to contribute.

Live, Play, Network

Life is easy in the Seaside Society. As an investor, you can enjoy all facilities and the natural beauty of the untouched Tampah Bay. The vast common areas, designed by renowned landscape architect Aymara Izquiel de Langley, will include green areas and park features, spaces for both contemplation and socialization. The white sand beach is just a short walk down the hill, and dozens of excellent surf breaks are just 5 to 30 minutes away. The whole idea of the Seaside Society is to attract investors that want to contribute, meet new people and create the perfect lifestyle together.

Some of the benefits
  • Full access to all facilities and common areas of the Seaside Society
  • Access to full villa management and marketing services
  • Legal and building assistance
  • Infrastructure and facilities of very high standard
  • Continuous development of the area
  • Common ground landscaping and cleaning
  • Local transport and tour services
  • Transfers to and from airport
  • Access to fishing and sport equipment
  • Responsible development and community support


We are proud supporters of the local community in South Lombok, and we contribute to the local economy, culture and environment in every way we can. Whenever possible, we employ local staff first and foremost, and we give all staff continuous further training and education. We will support local schools and offer students paid practice at the Seaside Society after school hours and on weekends, gaining valuable language training and work experience.

Sustainable development is important the Seaside society, and we aim to be energy-efficient both during the building process and long-term. All villas are meticulously designed to in a sustainable way. We have optimized the sun exposure, natural airflow, wastewater reuse, local material sourcing, to minimize the environmental impact. As part of the service agreement, black- and greywater are taken care of centrally and recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Trash collection is also included in the service contract and will be divided and recycled. The Villas are very energy efficient, thanks to leading brands of electrical equipment and smart open design that minimizes the need for air-con.


From sunrise to sundown, there is an abundance of things to do, people to meet and food to taste. Take it all in, find some time to relax, and reflect.
Live your way of life

Life in the Seaside Society is as active or as relaxing as you want it to be. Begin your day with a dip in the pool or in the sea. Or why not a surf session? The white sand beach is just a 5-minute walk away. Under the turquoise water lies an untouched reef with amazing snorkeling possibilities. Have breakfast in your villa or in the restaurant. Relax in the shade. Enjoy some training, yoga or tennis. Perhaps get some work done? The day is yours.

Where you want to be

The Seaside Society is very conveniently placed in Southern Lombok. In close vicinity, you will find some of the best surf breaks in the world, golf courses, a wide range of restaurants, world-class fishing, diving, hiking and some of Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches. The Seaside Society and Southern Lombok will be here for you to discover and experience.