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Caceres + Tous

Creative and functional aesthetics with natural inspiration
Caceres + Tous Architect Studio began as a collaboration between the founding partners – the experienced architect Nico Caceres from Chile and interior designer and entrepreneur Kiko Tous from Spain – when they met in Bali in 2016. Together, they have created a work system that can embrace projects from the big and general scale down to the smallest details. The partnership has resulted in a portfolio of impressive designs.

Inspiration and experience

Thanks to their clients’ trust, the Studio has been able to participate in an extensive spectrum of projects, including hospitality, commercial, residential, and entertainment. Every project is designed in detail, considering every aspect of the user experience, with a symbiotic effort from the partners. Caceres + Tous is located in Canggu, Bali, and currently consists of a team of six senior architects, four architects, one trainee, and a graphic designer. The Studio can make all technical drawings for construction as well as in-house rendering.

Villa Kastil Utara, Tampah Hills, Lombok. Work in progress.

Design philosophy

The Studio distinguishes itself in its philosophy that architecture and design must start from the inside, and look for creative and aesthetic solutions to solve particular needs or problems that the client or project may have, without preconceived forms. This way of thinking has been represented in the Studio’s diverse portfolio, showcasing a wide variety of shapes, materials, spaces, and uses.

House AL, Rote, Indonesia. Under constructions.


Sustainability is an essential aspect of every project for Caceres + Tous, starting with the early discussions with the client. They take pride in using sustainable and locally sourced materials, consider the environmental impact, and how a project can contribute to local society. Some of their preferred solutions include cross ventilation, natural shade, and passive cooling to create energy-efficient residences.

House AS, Pererenan, Bali. Work in progress.

Design with Caceres + Tous

Caceres + Tous are working on their first projects for Tampah Hills and are excited to take on more projects. Have a look at their portfolio to see more of their work or follow them on Instagram. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about creating your dream villa with Caceres + Tous in Tampah Hills.

House S, Canggu, Bali. Completed 2019.
House BK, Buduk, Bali. Completed 2018.